M. K. AjatShatru Singh
President RCT & Sole Trustee Maharaja Hari Singh Educational & Social Foundation

President RCT & Sole Trustee's Message

Delhi Public School, Jammu believes in quality education, in it's broadest and deepest sense. It makes good and efficient human beings whose natural proclivity is to create and not destroy. In our every endeavour, this is an indispensable feature. We hope that the value of Education will add a vigorous to our efforts.

I am sure that the principal/ Staff / Students will continue their sincere efforts jointly in achieving the excellence in the field of education besides in curricular and co-curricular activities as has been done during the previous years. I also wish them every success in future.

I also thank the Honorable Chairman, the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi for his guidance, Co-operation and support in bringing the Delhi Public School, Jammu among the leading schools of India and abroad.

Kr. Ritu Singh
Pro Vice-Chairperson DPS Jammu

Pro Vice-Chairperson's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to inform that Delhi Public School, Jammu has earned a pioneering feat for itself in imparting quality education to the students of the school besides their overall development to make them capable of competing in various State/ National Level Competitions.

This could have been possible only due to valuable guidance/ instructions of Honorable Chairman, the Delhi public School Society (Globally Recognized for imparting quality education).

I also congratulate the Director/ Founder Member Board, Principal, Staff and students for their sincere efforts and commitment towards the parents and the society.

Mr. S.S. Sodhi
Director Founder Member Board Delhi Public School, Jammu

Director's Message

I am delighted to share my views with all of you in respect of the success achieved by Delhi Public School, Jammu since its inception. The school has been showing excellent results in CBSE Examination during the past years, besides various achievements in curricular and Co-curricular activities.

I congratulate the Principal, Staff, Students and Parents of the tiny scholars for their remarkable achievements. I also wish them every success.

I am also thankful to the Honourable President, Rajput Charitable Trust, Jammu, Honourable Pro-Vice Chairperson, Delhi Public School, Jammu, Prominent Citizens and worthy parents for their guidance and support from time to time.

Ms. Ruchi Chabra
Principal, DPS Jammu.

Principal's Message

Ever since its inception in 1998, DPS Jammu has been churning out talented Dipsites, who have brought glory to it, at both national and international platforms. It is a matter of great pride for all teachers who have contributed in grooming and shaping of these individuals right from their formative years.

I am absolutely certain that similar feeling of pride exists among our glorious alumni too. The diversity of events they experienced here, the teachers and peers , they interacted and studied with, the remarkable environment of the school - in fact, every part of the institution has left an indelible mark upon them, which they continue to carry even today. That is the mark of Wisdom, Goodness and Truth. We invite all our well wishers to be a part of the onward journey made by the school to co create best foundation of Education, Culture and Moral fabric for our children who will be the flag bearers of tomorrow.

Ms. Meenu Gupta
DPS Jammu.

Headmistress's Message

The world belongs to children. They are the ones who are going to shape the world and bring peace and joy all over. Hence the importance of education in the life of a child cannot be overstated. We are in the process of mouldingour students into individuals who think, create, discover and lead. We evolve our existing system, practices and pedagogy so that we are always attended towards growth. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at DPS Jammu rests on the same firm belief as quoted by Einstein " Education is not so much of feeding facts into the mind as the awakening of curiosity in the soul." As educators we aim to support all students both academically and socially to make education a fun filled and growing experience on the solid foundation of values. "Service before Self" must become a part of students' lives rather than just a logo on their uniform. We aim to help our students become valuable citizens of the world rather than just successful human beings.

I truly believe strong partnership between school and home leads to better growth and holistic development of students. We expect that parents will be involved and supportive of their child’s learning. This involvement can come in a variety of forms including checking of your child’s homework, monitoring your child's progress on daily basis, attending schools events, working as a volunteer at the school, maintaining healthycommunication with school and teachers. We hope to see you at our meetings, in our class rooms sharing your quality time and your talents with us. Working together we can make a difference and help our students achieve!