21 Oct

DPS Jammu Organized Hats off Competition...

To give an outlet to tremendous energy talent and creativity of students, Delhi Public School Jammu organized an Inter- House Hats off Competition for students of classes IX to XII here today. A team of seven students from each of the five houses took part. They were given different historical time periods such as Contemporary, Medieval, Late Modern, Early Modern & Early Medieval periods as the theme of the competition.
The children were dressed as different characters belonging to the given time period and walked on the ramp to the narrator’ s commentary. The judges, Mr. Ravi Kotru & Mrs. Mrignaini Pathania judged the students on the basis of their costumes, confidence, style, walk, content and commentary.
The students mesmerized the audience with their stellar performance. Charlie Chaplin and his partner Ona ‘O’ Niel represented by Jhelum House and King Ashoka and his Maharani represented by Yamuna House act stole the show. The children not only represented the Historical era but also supplicated the musical scores relevant to era effectively allotted to their respective house. Yamuna stood first while Jhelum and Chenab stood in the second and third in positions respectively.
The Principal, Ms. Ruchi Chabra in her address applauded the children’s performance and their depiction of long forgotten heroes with grace, poise, confidence, appropriate musical scores and impeccable commentary. She emphasized on the importance of history and said that the different historical themes encouraged the students to seek more information about historical figures than they could get through their History books in the class. She hoped to have more of such educative programs in the future.
The competition was organized by Chenab House and was conducted by the cultural Secretaries Sujot Singh and Kriti Gupta.