03 Dec


Dance became the rhythm of life on 19th Nov, 2015 when DPS Jammu tapped its feet over the Inter House Dance Competition organized in the campus. The zestful competition proved to be the pulse, heartbeat and breathe of the students of classes VI-VIII. The jam-packed audience witnessed the students from the 5 Houses perform on one of the national and the ‘the need of the hour’ campaigns-“Save the Girl Child”.

One had to see to believe the beauty and talent of the students who dressed in their fiery, danced skillfully on the beats aptly chosen for the theme of the competition. The mesmerizing performance of the students left the audience spellbound who equally felt the thought to save the girl child in our society. The event itself was a combination of entertainment and a thought to pounder upon.

The mammoth task of judgment was done by the talented teachers from the Music Deptt Mr. jai Paul Gill and Mr. Anil Baru. The performances were judged on the basis of their songs selection, rhythm and presentation. Each house brought out the essence of the theme through their fluid moves and orientations.Every dance performance was unique in it and was throbbing with life and energy, which further emphasized the hours of labour and practice both on the part of the participants and their mentors.

Yamuna House bagged the Winner’s trophy fir their scintillating performance, followed by the Ganga House & Chenab House.

Headmistress Ms. Meenu Gupta DPS Jammu highlighted the contribution of a girl child as a blessing for the society, therefore, all the more reason to celebrate the birth of a girl in a family. She further emphasized the need to actively participate in the campaign of save the girl child by removing the male dominating nature of the society, the need to stop neglecting the daughter’s nutrition, education, living style etc.

Principal, Ms. Ruchi Chabra DPS Jammu congratulated the budding dancers and appreciated the movement and emotions expressed by them in the competition.