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Saturday, July 30, 2016

DPS Jammu strongly believes in the importance of Environment conservation and is committed towards the sustainable growth, protection and conservation of nature. Upholding this moral responsibility the school organized Environment Week from 25th July 2016 to 29th July 2016 engaging students and faculty members in various initiatives to celebrate this week. The key objective was to educate the future citizens of the world on the crucial need to conserve the environment for a greener tomorrow.

The weeklong event was celebrated with special activities which included Open Discussions on Garbage Management, tree plantation drive, Cleanliness drive, showcasing documentaries related to “Three uses of R’s” and Garbage Management, Nukkad Natak. All Class Teachers conducted special interactive sessions with their respective students to make them understand the concept with clear vision. Students enjoyed “Best Out of Waste Activity” and made newspaper bags, posters, collages with slogans etc. They also interacted with the members of the school to tell them about the use and benefit of these bags.

Principal, Ms Ruchi Chabra, urged the children to leave the earth a better place than when we all got it from our ancestors. She also congratulated the staff & Students for spreading green awareness. Headmistress, Ms Meenu Gupta also appreciated the efforts of the students and staff towards keeping Earth clean & green and also expressed that the environment belongs to all.

Hon’ble President RCT, M.K Ajatshatru Singh, Hon’ble PVC Kunwrani Ritu Singh and Hon’ble Director Mr. S S Sodhi also forwarded their ‘Green’ messages to save the planet Earth.