28 Oct

Power Point Presentation on Eco-Friendly Diwali

Manya Jain - XI-J of Chenab House and Ishaan – XI-J of Ganga House conducted a Power Point Presentation on Eco-Friendly Diwali for the students of the Middle and Senior Wings. They were guided in this effort by English Teachers-Ms. Neha Mahajan and Ms Shivani Vaid. The presenters engaged the participants in thought provoking discussions and opened their eyes to the appalling reality of spread of harmful gases, heaps of garbage, afflictions to birds and animals, destruction to life and property as a result of bursting crackers. The Principal, Ms. Ruchi Chabra lauded the efforts of the students and the teachers. She felicitated the students with Best Presenter Award in the special assembly.
Earlier, Ms. Shivani introduced the theme of Eco-Friendly Diwali and remarked that if celebrated in this way, it is bound to bring peace, prosperity and good health to all. The session was summed by Ms. Neha Mahajan who urged the students to use earthern lamps and celebrate green Diwali.