15 Dec


16 year old Pranav Rajput, a student of class XI-F of Delhi Public School Jammu is an aspiring entrepreneur who has made a mark as a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), Blogger and Online Content Writer.
Having worked with some of the reputed MNC’s around the world such as Api.ai and Movai, Pranav is currently earning a handsome amount through handling of Search Engine optimization campaigns of several companies advertisement network and blogging.
Initially, started as a blogger on www.psnama.com, Pranav successfully multiplied his skills in various related fields and is also a regular contributor at Huffington Post.
In a special interactive session organized in the school today, Pranav presented an impressive PPT display and shared a video of his talk given at an International Business Meet at New Delhi. This was followed by Question/Answer session with his peer group.
Addressing the students, Principal, Ms.Ruchi Chabra congratulated Pranav and encouraged other students to move ahead with confidence, focus and zeal. She also recited a stanza from Dougles Malloch’s Poem ‘Be the best of whatever you are, to drive home the point.Later, she presented a trophy and a certificate to Pranav as a token of appreciation.

Hon’ble President RCT, M.K Ajatshatru Singh Ji, Hon’ble PVC, Kunwrani Ritu Singh Ji and Hon’ble Director, Sh. S S Sodhi Ji also conveyed their best wishes to Pranav and other students for their future endeavors.