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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Various Literary activities were conducted at Delhi Public School, Jammu to foster a love for English Literature among the children. Students of classes IX & XI participated in these activities whole heartedly.
Students enjoyed composing Limericks and Haikus during their class activities and portrayed best of poetry in their compositions. The last day of the week saw a power packed Inter-House Turncoat Debate Competition on the topic “India Lacks Leaders, not Leadership”. As per the given format, participants spoke both for & against the motion in the stipulated time-limit and put forth their arguments convincingly.
The 1st position was won by Chenab House, while 2nd & 3rd positions were bagged by Tawi & Ganga House respectively. The 3 individual positions were awarded to Tarini Magotra (IX-A)-1st, Bhuvandeep Singh (IX-J)-2nd & Khushi Soni (IX-A)-3rd .
The whole event was anchored by Maheep Jain (XI-J) & Ananya Duggal (XI-F).
Principal DPS Jammu, Ms. Ruchi Chabra congratulated winners of the Debate Competition and encouraged students to reflect upon, examine and discuss important happenings around them. She also appreciated the English faculty for successfully conducting the English Literary Week activities.
Hon’ble President, RCT, Sh. M.K Ajatshatru Singh Ji, Hon’ble PVC, Kunwrani Ritu Singh Ji and Hon’ble Director, Sh. S.S Sodhi Ji conveyed their best wishes to the students and staff on the occasion of the English Literary Week.