Aryabhatta Club

" Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not truth, but supreme beauty"

The aims of Maths club are dedicated extra-curricular mathematical approach that breathes new life into Maths beyond the class room. Maths club raises the profile of Maths as a subject. It increases engagement and shows children that Maths can be playful, exciting and full of wonders. Such clubs encourage a positive attitude towards Maths, stimulate Maths curiosity, and promote cross-curricular thinking and holistic development of students. Moreover, it develops patience and persistence during solving problems.

Objectives of Aryabhatta Club is to develop abstract, logical and critical thinking and ability to reflect critically upon and work and to make children capable of participating in Maths Olympiad, SMTE, NTSE and other prestigious exams at all levels. Maths clubs provide opportunities to showcase Maths Champions and help children to become Maths Catalyst and Maths Ambassadors themselves.