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Deepawali Greetings

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Delhi Public School, Jammu organized an eco-friendly Diwali celebration for all the students. Diwali is a festival that celebrates the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating the ten-headed demon king Ravana. This festival holds massive importance in the Indian mythology. All over the country, people light up their homes with lights and diyas and celebrate with utmost joy in their hearts. Students from all classes participated in different kinds of activities with great zeal and enthusiasm. They made posters and cards on Diwali depicting social messages and made beautiful rangoli patterns. Students also dressed up as their favorite characters from Ramayana. They shared anecdotes where they observed the victory of good over evil. Students recited poems and sang songs. They were asked to take a pledge on this Diwali to imbibe a positive change in themselves and in their lifestyle. Since no festival should go without doing good deeds, students donated clothes, fed the poor and even planted trees, depicting the social message that the impoverished too should be able to enjoy the festival with great joy and a headstrong need to maintain our surroundings with an eco-friendly environment.
Principal, DPS Jammu Ms Ruchi Chabra congratulated the children for their whole hearted participation.
Hon’ble President, RCT, Sh. M.K. Ajatshatru Singh ji, Hon’ble PVC Kunwrani Ritu Singh ji and Hon’ble Director Sh. S.S.Sodhi ji extended their best wishes to the students and teachers on the occasion.