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Friday, April 22, 2022

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on the 22 nd of April at Delhi Public School Jammu to remind the
students of their duties towards ‘Mother Earth.’ As a part of environmental education, and
responsibility toward Mother Earth, DPS Jammu took initiative to engage the whole school
community of students, parents, and teachers in making a difference. Earth Day was celebrated
through educational and action-oriented activities that were fun.
A special assembly was organized for the students of the Pre-Primary wing. The children presented
Earth Prayer, Earth Song, and a musical skit on the occasion. They took part in different activities
such as hand-printing activity, coloring activity, plantation drive with small saplings, and making
paper bags out of newspapers.
A myriad of activities were conducted in all the classes. Best out of waste and Colouring activities
were conducted for Pre-primary students. Students of class I made newspaper bags to emphasize
the ban on the plastic concept, while students and teachers of class II were involved in GO Green
activities. They were involved in a tree plantation drive and also carried out a green rally around
the campus conveying the message of keeping their surroundings clean & green.
Students of Classes III to V made beautiful posters of earth, expressing their ideas on how they can
be earth warriors. Most prominent was the big earth made by students and the chart work
displaying ‘Every Day, Earth Day, ‘Save Earth, Save Life’.
Students of Class VI actively participated in “Bottle Planting Activity” thereby learning how to
maintain a green garden space in small places.
Class VII students created a beautiful cut out of Earth laminated on black space, using an impressive
medium of colors to express their thoughts while Class VIII composed lyrics of a rap song on the
given themes of pollution, climate change, deforestation n water scarcity.
‘Poster Making’ and ‘Essay Writing’ activities were organized for the students of Class IX to XII to
help children reflect on their ideas and emotions about Mother Earth. ‘Essay Writing Activity’ was
organized for the students of class X. The students also read out a pledge and drafted a plan for
curing the ailing earth.
Further, Staff and students met senior JMC officials and shared their ideas and plans for making
Jammu a clean and green city. Team DPS Jammu also urged all members of the DPS Family to join
the global movement Save Soil led by the Indian mystic Sadguru and enroll themselves as Earth
Ms. Ruchi Chabra, Principal-DPS Jammu added the finishing touch by addressing the students
emphasizing the importance of afforestation, planting of trees, and the need for everyone to put
together their efforts and get into action, in protecting our environment.

Hon’ble President-RCT, Sh. M.K Ajatshatru Singh Ji, Hon’ble PVC, Kuwarani Ritu Singh Ji, and
Hon’ble Director, Sh. S.S Sodhi Ji shared their valuable views on Earth Day and extended
their best wishes on the occasion.