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Mother’s Day Celebrated with Heart Warming Celebrations with SOS Children of Talab Tillo at Hari Palace on the Eve of Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 13, 2023

To create social awareness in support of non-biological children by treating them as one's own, Dr. Kunwrani Ritu Singh launched a project “Dua” for SOS Village on the eve of Mother’s Day on 13th May today at Hotel Hari Niwas Palace. The launch was participated in by over 80 children and staff members of SOS villages. The event was also attended by Nazrana Fine Jewellers, Vardhman Jewellers, in association with bikers of Mission Shakti under the "Ride for a Cause" initiative, who were supported by Dr Kunwrani Ritu Singh and hosted at Hari Niwas Palace for a heart-warming celebration of Mother’s Day with SOS Children's Villages. “Dua” encourages individuals to say prayers as mothers for all children who have lost their mothers. The grand celebrations were organized with a mission to foster a sense of love and care for non-biological children and create a society that is sensitive to their unique needs. The event aimed at providing them with the care and love they deserve. Lending support under their CSR, renowned jewellery brand ,Nazrana Fine Jewels by Ridhima and Parakh, Karan Market had earlier pledged to donate 1% of their proceeds towards children's education. This philanthropic gesture demonstrated their commitment to bringing a positive change in the society. The first of its kind women bikers group , toured the entire city on their bikes, carrying flags and spreading the message of right to education. The Biker’s ride was flagged off early morning today from Karan Market, covering the entire city extensively they reached Hari Niwas Palace and finally concluded the ride at the Nazrana Studio, Karan Market . The day saw a dual celebration, marking the launch of “Dua” by Dr Kunwrani Ritu Singh and the “Ride for a Cause” initiative by Nazrana Fine Jewellers in collaboration with Mission Shakti, supported by Dr Kunwrani Ritu Singh. The joint celebration aimed to raise social awareness and promote the idea of treating children with love, care, and support to make a difference in their lives. To commemorate Mother's Day, a fun-filled picnic was organized by Dr Kunwrani Ritu Singh at Hari Niwas. The children from SOS Children's Villages were taken on a guided tour of the iconic Amar Mahal museum. They were treated to refreshments and goodie bags amidst enchanting music, vibrant balloons, and delightful food stalls. The event aimed to create a joyous and memorable experience for the children, highlighting the importance of nurturing relationships and celebrating the spirit of motherhood. Dr. Kunwrani Ritu Singh thanked Ridhima and Parakh of Nazrana Fine Jewels and Vardhman Jewels, the bikers of Mission Shakti, and the faculty of SOS. She urged more people to come forward to spread love, joy, and inclusion of these beautiful souls to make a positive impact on their future.