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Friday, September 15, 2023

Delhi Public School Jammu conducted the CBSE Project Veer Gatha activity on 8th September 2023. The activity was conducted in four different categories for the students from classes III to XII who participated in different activities like painting, poem writing, essay writing and PPT presentation where the students exhibited their artistic talents. The themes ranged from patriotism, unity, and resilience, aligning with the spirit of Veer Gatha.
The paintings were vibrant and demonstrated a deep understanding of the values aimed to instill in the students. The students from different grades penned down insightful and thought-provoking essays that highlighted the significance of courage, sacrifice, and determination, which are central to the ethos of Veer Gatha. The students conveyed their emotions and thoughts through verses. The poems were moving and reflected the strength and courage of our national heroes. In category III–V shortlisted students of class IIl; Aarna Sharma, Parth Vuthoo, Ankush Baidya, Dhristi Langeh, Areeb, Aayan Nischal, Vibhuti Gupta; Class-IV Aarvi Jain, Rudhav Gupta, Srishti Sharma, Rayan Gupta, Amoli Sharma, Zeenat Fatima, Rahil Sharma & Class V Samrath Sukhjeet, Sadah Mir, Pavni Sharma, Bhavjal Kour, Sragvi Sharma, Mohisha Gupta, Syed Hansa Andrabi, Mayra Jain, Arpita Singh, painting made by Syed Hansa Andrabhi from V- J were awarded as the best entries. In category VI–VIII shortlisted students of class-VI Pariyal Seth, Adhyan, Paras Gupta, Saimoon Anjum Mir, Rishit, Adawiyah Khan, Prableen Kour, Prisha, Veydeesh Gupta, Jayaditya Singh, Mohd. Umair Malik, Aradhya Rajput, Sanvi Gupta, Aradhya Gupta, Manik Kumar, Shaurya Veer Katoch, Aqsa Nisa, Ashwik Mahajan, Ritwik S. Chauhan, Areeba Ishaq, Yashika Thayria, Seerat Chauhan, Yashtika Sharma, Faris Singh, Paras Gupta; Class VII Yashika Jamwal, Sanvi Gupta, Azkah Adeen, Zeeshan Bhat & Class-VIII Kavya Verma, Shrainey Sharma, Drishiti Singh, painting made by Azkah Adeen from VII-E were awarded as the best entries. In category IX–X shortlisted students of class X Paavni Gupta, Tanisha Sharma, PPT made by Tanishka Sharma X-G were awarded as the best entries. In category XI-XII shortlisted students of class XI Kritagya Gupta & Class XII Ramyak Jain and the painting made by Kritagya Gupta were awarded as the best entries.
Overall, the Project Veer Gatha activity was a resounding success to honour the acts of bravery and sacrifice of the officers and personnel of the Armed Forces, other lawfully- Forces and civilians.
The esteemed management of DPS Jammu including hon’ble President-RCT, Sh. M.K Ajatshatru Singh Ji, hon’ble PVC-Dr. Kuwarani Ritu Singh Ji, hon’ble Director-Sh. S.S Sodhi Ji along with Principal-Ms. Ruchi Chabra congratulated all winners and extended their warm wishes and blessings to all the participants and wished them more success for the future.