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Three-Day DPS’J MUN Conference Hosted by Delhi Public School, Jammu

Friday, May 31, 2024

In a bid to foster an environment rich in public speaking, intensive research, and leadership skills, Delhi Public School, Jammu organized its second Model United Nations (MUN) conference. Engaging students from classes IX to XII, the event also included participants from DPS Nagbani and DPS Katra. The conference, held on May 27, 28, and 29, embraced the theme "Forging Paths Forward," showcasing diplomacy and the art of negotiation at its finest.
Over the three-day event, more than 105 students passionately addressed global and domestic conflicts, demonstrating their zeal in tackling pressing challenges. The following committees and their respective agendas were at the forefront of these discussions:
1. UNHRC: The Israel-Palestine conflict and the potential onset of World War III, with special emphasis on Iran, Yemen, the United States, AI-hacked government agencies, and missile destruction pollution affecting the ISS.
2. AIPPM: The possibility of India transitioning into a dictatorship, focusing on the privatization of the energy sector, the CAA, the UCC, and media censorship.
3. UNCSW: The condition of women in the Middle East and Asia, with particular attention to Sudan, Indonesia, and Haiti.
4. Lok Sabha: The "Abrogation of Democracy" in J&K, highlighting Article 370 and statehood, referencing the Supreme Court judgment.
5. IPC: Capturing the entire event with detailed coverage of each committee.
The conference was driven by a dedicated core team of 52 members. The Organizing Committee, led by Bhavya Mengi (OC Head) and Saanvi Gupta (OC Co-Head), consisted of 21 members. The Executive Board, overseeing the committees, included 5 panels with 3 members each. The panels were chaired by Porshia Bisht (UNHRC), Charvi Gupta (AIPPM), Surveen Kour (UNCSW), Shivam Daffara (Lok Sabha), and Aryan Verma (IPC). The Secretariat, comprising 14 members, was headed by Prasan Sharma (Secretary General), Momin Adnan (Director General), Samiksha Rai (Deputy Secretary General), and Kriday Misri (Deputy Director General). Their tireless efforts ensured the conference's success.
Under the supervision of Ms. Arti Sharma and Mr. Rayees Khandey, the participation of 157 members, including 105 delegates, was impeccably managed. The conference celebrated students who excelled in their roles:
- UNHRC: Darsh Kaul (Best Delegate -Palestine),Ridham Singh (Outstanding Delegate - France) Shaunish Vaid (Honorable Mention - Israel).
- AIPPM: Sparsh Bakshi (Best Delegate - Nitin Gadkari) Naman Pandoh (Outstanding Delegate - Jai Shankar) Hussain Zari (Honorable Mention - Manish Sisodia).
- UNCSW: Samanyu Sharma (Best Delegate - Finland) Aayat Fatima (Outstanding Delegate - Sweden), Garima Bhat (Honorable Mention - Sudan).
-Lok Sabha: Shambhavi Kher (Best Delegate - Rajnath Singh), Pranav Daffara (Outstanding Delegate - Jai Shankar), Aahana Mahajan (Honorable Mention - Mehbooba Mufti).
- IPC: Huzaif Manhas (Best Photographer), Aarush Gandotra (Best Journalist).
The students receiving VERBAL MENTIONSfrom DPS Nagbani & DPS Katra were:
UNCSW: Vinnie Koul (USA) from DPS Katra
UNHRC: Khartik Bhat(New Zealand) and Daksh Pandita (Austria) from DPS Nagbani
AIPPM: Aarav Wazir (Gulam Nabi Azad) from DPS Katra
LOK SABHA: Satyam Hangloo (R Ashoka) from DPS Nagbani
The opening ceremony featured the auspicious lamp lighting, followed by bouquet presentations to dignitaries and the Divine Experience of Krishna Vandana. Addresses by the Secretary General, Director General, and Deputy Secretary General were complemented by a melodious song. Principal, DPS Jammu Ms. Ruchi Chabra, along with core team members inaugurated the event with auspicious lamp lighting and emphasized MUN's role in enhancing student skills. Headmaster Mr. Ravi Kotroo and Deputy Headmaster Mr. Umesh Kumar Sharma also shared their insights. The opening ceremony also included cake cutting, the national anthem, and a group photographs.
The event concluded with addresses by the Core Secretariat, Ms. Arti Sharma, and esteemed guests. Special thanks were extended to the teachers in charge, including Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Puneet Sharma, Mr. Nikhil Sharma, Neha Choudhary (DPS Nagbani), and Shrutika Sharma (DPS Katra). Pratham Thapa (Head of Logistics) presented a video snapshot of the three-day event, cherished by all attendees. The conference concluded with a vote of thanks by Pratham Thapa and Bhavya Mengi, followed by the national anthem.
Hon’ble President RCT, Sh. M.K Ajatshatru Singh Ji, Distinguished Pro-Vice Chairperson, Kunwrani Dr. Ritu Singh Ji, Hon’ble Director Sh. S.S. Sodhi Ji along with the Principaland staff commended the students' dedication to understanding of the complex issues and finding diplomatic solutions. They congratulated Ms. Arti Sharma and her team for the brilliant performance of their students and extended their best wishes for their future endeavors.