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Monday, June 29, 2015

June, 2015 witnessed DPS Jammu campus transformed into an exciting and eventful ground for the faculty members. They were engaged into a wide range of exciting activities and crafts in a spirited and dedicated atmosphere. One had to come & join to experience the fun & zeal among the enthusiastic participants. The teachers experienced a totally unique adventure while immersing themselves in the enrichment activities for 10 days.
It offered an off the track period to break free from the daily teaching routine of the teachers. It imparted a time for the overall personality development and enhance the aesthetic skills of the teachers. The outcome is a refreshed and a rejuvenated instructional team which is ready to lead the students of DPS Jammu. The mission as always is to help the teachers to be better educators and engage students in achieving academic success.
To achieve the aim, the sessions of Aerobics, Yoga, Computer Literacy ASL and English Conversation were critically planned out for the teachers.
The endomorphin released by the body during the aerobic exercises acted as an effective stress reliever. Moreover, it strengthened the endurance, speeded up the metabolism inside the body and the list is endless.
On the similar track, yoga provided not only the physical benefits but was an effective exercise for relieving stress and increasing the decision-making power. The concentration required holding in yoga poses and on controlling the breath cleared mind and developed inner awareness. It was an excellent stress-relief exercise and imparted the mental & spiritual benefits as a whole.
The computer skills were further honed by active sessions where the teachers were trained to be proficient in the use of productivity tools (word processor, spreadsheet, database & presentation software). These are the obvious tools for the most teaching & learning tasks definitely required to a teacher.
The Aesthetic Education sessions fostered a heightened awareness and appreciation for all that touches the lives of human beings. The aesthetic awareness was developed by having fun-filled sessions in the arts, music, dance, drama and the visual arts.
An effective 3 day long Inhouse Training was also provided for the development of ASL skills. We had a workshop for support staff on drug abuse, we also had children from slums, in order, to study under our social outreach programme “PRAYAS- A Try” through which our endeavour was to motivate the less fortunate families to send their children to school for study and general awareness.
Overall this summer camp provided the Educators with the opportunity to grow their teaching toolbox!!
Ms. Ruchi Chabra, Headmistresses, Delhi Public School, Jammu and Ms. Meenu Gupta Headmistresses (upto Middle School) appreciated the teachers for their keen and enthusiastic approach towards these enrichment sessions.
Dr. (Mrs) D. Joseph , Additional Director/Principal DPS Jammu congratulated all the teachers for the successful completion of the development programmes.
Sh. S.S. Sodhi, Director Delhi Public School, Jammu also congratulated the staff for being a part of this enriching opportunity which could not have been possible without their active participation.