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Friday, March 18, 2016

16 MARCH, 2016: A team from Tata motors organized a workshop, ”HUMARE BUS KI BAAT HAI” at DPS, Jammu, for the awareness of school bus drivers and conductors . The team included the trainers, Mr.Jitendre Yadav from Jaipur and Mr. Mintoo Sharma from Delhi, Event Manager Mr. Kunal Gupta and Mr. Himanshu from Tata Motors, Jammu. The team interacted with all the drivers and conductors of the school. The team focused on the significance of drivers as they are one the most influential persons in framing a positive opinion of the institute. Drivers need to ensure safety and security of children at large. They focused on how drivers should develop right attitude for safe driving and road safety. They should check all the safety parameters and ensure proper cleanliness of the buses before the children board their buses and they should help them board and unboard their buses in a proper way.
The trainers also put an emphasis on the proper communication skills of drivers telling them to be polite with children as well as the parents. They should avoid arguments with parents and deal with politeness using “ LAST” formula (Listen, Apologize, Solution and Thank you).
The team provided various useful tips to avoid accidents. They told drivers, in case of any mishappening, they should not panic, handle the children carefully and immediately contact the school authority informing them about the location of accident. The session was very interactive and all the drivers were involved in various activities like games, role play, and storytelling.
Principal DPS, Jammu, Ms. Ruchi Chabra, thanked Tata Motor’s team for organizing such a useful workshop for drivers as it helped them to know how they can prevent unforeseen by taking timely steps. She stated that drivers and conductors are useful assets for the school and bear an individual responsibility and accountability for their job.

Headmistress DPS, Jammu Ms. Meenu Gupta, Senior Administrator Mr. C.L. Malhotra, CGM Transport Mr. S.S Jamwal, Liaison officer Mr. Karandeep Singh were also present.