Prayas Club

Prayas- a try club has been formed to undertake social activities by involving students and teachers in several community outreach programmes to develop the virtue of social responsibility and empathy. As it is the integral part of our Education system, they are informed about social ills and crimes existing in the society and how to confront them. Students are taught to maintain humility and to remain balanced and grounded. Our motive is to prepare students who are not only academically bright but are also good human beings. This is an opportunity not only to serve the society but to be a good human overall. The Direct Beneficiaries of the programme have largely been the inmates of old age homes, orphanages, slum children, labours and local communities in and around Jammu. Some of the activities undertaken by the Prayas- a try, a social club.

Visit to old age homes for celebration of Mother’s day and other auspicious days, Street plays & Skits on social issues, production and display of documentary films, charity drives, awareness programmes. Along with above mentioned activities classes for slum children in school premises in summer vacation, on basic language skills, personal hygiene, personality development and sports skills. As the volunteers share their experience with others in and outside the school and community, the vision of prayas is carried forward, inspiring several others to follow suite in the mission to build a better career.