Special Features


The school has a good collection of films, cassettes and other audio-visual aids. These are used for teaching effectively. Classes I to XII are provided the audio-visual facility when the need arises. Subject related cassettes, C.Ds are shown to the students from time to time.


The school is providing computer Literacy programme (Education) to the students of Classes I to XII. At Sr. Section (+2) level Computer Science is available as an elective subject. Sr. Students opting Computer Science as an elective subject are studying C++, SQL and programming at par with the CBSE syllabus.


1. Career counselling regarding professional courses to the students.
2. Personality development programme for junior and middle school to develop :
(1) Qualities of Leadership and personality.
(2) Public speaking.
(3) Interpersonal and behavioral skills.
(4) To improve skills of communication and analysis.


Educational trips are exclusively organized for School students. The main aims of the tour are (i) To build comprehensive and tolerant world view.
(ii) Exploring diverse flora & fauna and learning to live in harmony with nature.
(iii)Making new friends.
(iv) Personal growth & Skills Education.


Scouts and Guides is a reforming organization. Its main aim is to serve the humanity with sincerity and to promote the abiding of Laws of better world, where people are self -fulfilled and can play a constructive role in the society. Its main focus is on character training and preparation for good citizenship designed for the benefit of young boys and girls. It stresses upon the youngsters to supplement the effort of building a peaceful and harmonious society where everybody lives with peace, dignity and honor.

Scouts and Guides inculcates a sense of discipline, responsibility, duty and moral values among students. It develops patriotism and promotes national integration. It encourages self -knowledge and an inquisitive zeal to learn, discover and explore. Scouts and Guides helps the students to discover the world beyond the classroom and to become well - rounded personalities.

School has taken a step towards a noble movement in association with J&K Bharat Scouts and Guides, Jammu by training the youngsters to become useful for their society.


The NCC (National Cadet Corps) was established on the recommendation of a committee appointed by the Government of India in 1947, for the military training of adolescent youth in schools and colleges. The scheme is operated by the Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the state Department of Education through the Director General of NCC .The object of the NCC is:- a) To develop character, comradeship, ideals of service and capacity for leadership in young men and women. b) To provide a service, training to young men and women so as to stimulate interest in the defence services of the country. c) To build up a reserve of potential officers to enable the Armed Forces to expand rapidly in any national emergency. The various activities of NCC involve students of class IX to XII in attending various NCC camps not only in our state but also in other parts of the country. It provides a platform to our children to showcase their talent on a national platform through Republic Day Camps, Thal Sainik Camps, National Integration Camps organized in different states of our country. Students attend these Camps enthustically and learn invaluable lesson in unity and discipline.


The School provides Counseling Services to its children from classes I - XII, these services being vital to the success of students of all ages. These counseling sessions have a positive impact on the students in helping them gain a better understanding of themselves and their potential.

The School Counselor acts as a compassionate, dependable, informative mentor and a guide, for a vibrant community of students with diverse individual personalities, interests, and future plans. Through time to time counseling sessions, students are helped to set reasonable and realistic academic, social, and career goals and create the strategies needed to fulfill those goals; and develop the necessary skills for success.

The School counselor works one-on-one with students of all ages, performing a range of assessments to pinpoint their strengths and to uncover any areas which require improvement.


Delivering the Best in the Classrooms!

School has provided an E-learning solution that combines the best of the hardware, software, content and service which combines new-age technology and traditional classroom teaching. The Server platform does not only make the entire school “future-ready”, it also offers advanced features such as, internationally acclaimed content, Interactive content creation. Students assessment and Management reporting.

The students and teachers have an access to specialized subject knowledge, which can bring the subject matter to life – with real world examples, recent experience of industry, best practice and case studies.